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[18/11/2007] A Deskpad Esporter domain as tribute to the Corepad Deskpad mousepads

Despad XXL Corepad Esports mousepad

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Deskpad xxl mousepads!

First oversized XXXL mousepad by Corepad.

Yes it is a mousepad not a Placemat, Tablecloth, Blanket or or...

You can try to use it that way so if you have diner to serve you meal on it .

It is a shame because this high end “cloths” as some call them are really the best cloth desk pad mouse pads there are.

First there was the Corepad Deskpad XXXL OEM a bigger Eyepad a success you can put not only your keyboard on it so it generates I better look of your desk. Therefore you can play right or left handed with your game mouse without changing the Deskpad Esporter XXL mousepad of Corepad.

Then after Corepad produces also more thicker cloth Game Mousepads there is a C1 Esports Deskpad XXL which is the same huge sized Cloth Deskpad mousepad but somewhat smoother. Your Game Mouse could glide away itself if you don’t hold it.

Sizes and specs:
• DESKPAD size 35.4″ x 17.7″ x 0.12″ (900 x 450 x 3.0mm)
• Specially designed non-slip rubber backing of the DESKPAD.
• DESKPAD ESPORTER is compatible with all mice, even laser mice
• DESKPAD for low and high sensitivity mouse settings
• Durable, and flexible cloth DESKPAD mouse pad

Corepad Manufacturer of High End Gaming mousepads produces the First safety Glass mouse pad the Corepad Magna. The better Glass Mousepad on the Market. Smooth and strong not so scratchy as others.

Corepad Eyepads mousepads and Corepad Victory so as the new C1 line mousepads are all fare priced very good gaming mousepads

But if you go for BIG, HUGE, Beautiful look, high quality and smooth then the Deskpad Esporter XXL from Corepad the First on the Market is the best Choice

You will like this easy to clean Esports Deskpad XXL cloth pad. Comfort is another great thing of the Deskpad, since its a lot thicker than most pads it does support your wrist and palms well without having to feel the desk through the pad. And not have the feeling of a cold Desk is a Pro

The only con could be: you have not enough place for this HUGE DESKPAD XXXL Esports mousepad, then you should make some ;)

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